My S.M.A.R.T goals

My S.M.A.R.T. goal is… Two practical steps I can take to achieve this goal are…
Get better at english and french

I would like to earn at least an 80% on an English research paper by the end of the first term. 

  • Learn more 
  • Practice outside school(read more books)
  • I will have less problems with language and pronunciation 
  • It’ll take me about like a month to 4 months
Get better at math

Get at least a 70% on the next test

  • Participate more
  • Do homework 
  • It’ll take me two months with precision
  • Get better marks
Get better at portuguese
  • Be able to talk portuguese 
  • Practice more
  • It’ll take me at least 8-9 months
  • Be able to talk with people in portugal     

Indigenous Project reflection

My Indigenous project was about the Cree people. We were asked to research some questions about indigenous people and answer them.

I think it’s important to learn about the Cree people and their traditions.


I learned that the Cree people have spiritual beliefs related to their dreams. I also learned that they are the most populous Indigenous community and that there are more than 100 thousand people that speak cree, at winter they eat a mix if dried meet, berries and fat called pemmican, their territory goes all the way from alberta to quebec, in the summer they travel in canoes as it’s one of the fastest ways to travel, many cree consider hunting a big part of their culture and life.